Life and influences behind the pictures.

There is no doubt that I was born with the desire and passion for painting. As far back as I can remember, I have been drawn to colours and art. Watercolour is my expertise and objects in nature are often my focal point but not my only focus. This gift has given me great joy and opened a channel for me to share my experience and impressions with others.

“Art is a form of communication! It is a fixed deposit of emotion, may it be joy, sorrow or pain. This form of complete relaxation creates immense triggers in me that are easily transferred to a painting.

Thirty years ago, I attended master classes in Zurich, Switzerland, to study
painting in water colours and have not stopped using that technique ever since
then. The uncontrolled coincidences on paper intrigue me.

Name: Hilde Ivy
Date of Birth: 1950
Domiciles: Germany-USA-Switzerland
Exhibitions: Zug (1990), Zurich (1991), Lucerne (1993), Frauenfeld (2009) in Switzerland, Atlanta – Ga. USA (2018)

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